What do you think?


Following the Paris attacks an English newspaper published this cartoon.

Do you think it is accurate?

Is it responsible journalism?

4 thoughts on “What do you think?”

  1. I think it is utterly irresponsible for a journalist to draw this!
    This drawing could be reponsible for a false image of immigrants who have nothing to do with terrorists: It puts hatefull opinions in peoples minds about the poor people fleeing terrorism in their own countries !

  2. I think it was very irresponsible of the journalsit to put this up following the attacks in Paris. Peoples opinions in Europe quickly changed and instead of wanting to help those in need they began to fear them. These people are coming to seek asylum in Europe and need as much support and help as they can get. This picture simply just creates and encourages fear of those living in Europe. Fear is dangerous as people will feel threatened by inmigrants, therefore resulting in attacks and abuse towards them.

  3. Im actually astonished . For me, this english newspaper show us a bad vision of the emigration , especially in Europe . In this cartoon , we can see , a man who is carrying a weapon and a woman who is wearing a sail . This woman embodies the muslim religion . Consequently, we can suppose of the newspaper commit an amalgam between the muslim religion and the terrorism . It’s indeed pitiful . Moreover, the migrants have been draw in black to represent, maybe , a bad impression of the coming of the migrants in Europe .

  4. I find it sad and a disgrace how the newspapers are allowed to display these migrants in cartoons like the one above. These migrants have risked their lives to try and escape conflict in their own country and instead of being greeted with kindness, sympathy and help, have been victims of racism and abuse. The media is the main cause of this. Cartoons like the one above encourages people to fear the migrants which results in violence. People must remember that these migrants are exactly the same as us. They had homes, families, cars, jobs , friends and schools too. The only difference now is that all of their things have been taken from them.

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