How has France changed?

In light of the terrorist attacks in France I became more interested in how society there would react to the refugee crisis. I found this video report very interesting. Is this typical of French society? I would be interested to hear what our French pupils and teachers think about this report. It this typical of what is happening throughout Europe.


One thought on “How has France changed?”

  1. It is obvious that immigration has helped the Front National to raise during the past years, this is because immigrants are not always welcomed by the French. It might be very hard for them to get well paid jobs, and they have lived sometimes for generations in “ghettos”, sort of run down towns. These places are of ill repute because there are often drug traffics or vandetas. This contributes to give a bad image of migrants to french people. But in a way, the French only get what they deserve because if they had welcomed immigrants during the 20th century and paid them with reasonnable wages, those ghettos won’t exist today, and the delinquency would be less important.
    To finish, it is important to say that even if some people are unconcious of the madness of FN declarations, this is not the case of all French people. Indeed, when the FN has come to majority in 6 regions during the elections ( because lots of french people did not fill their duty of citizens to go voting), people reacted and FN finally did not get any region.

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