Pope Francis visit

Pope Francis paid a visit to the Greek Island of Lesbos to visit the migrants who are in Camps there. His message was a strong one. He told those there that they are not alone and that he understood their suffering.

I found it very emotional hearing the little girl crying as she bent down at the feet of Pope Francis.

I hope that his visit will highlight to those who are in power in Europe that more must be done to help those who need it most.

Europe must not see itself as separate from the rest of the world but as connected and an integral part of the Global problem that is War and Injustice. Those in power in Britian, France, Ireland and Spain cannot wash their hands of this Global problem, a problem which many of those countries have added to by their aggressive foreign policies.

Why do they forget how many of our nations have suffered in the past and how we reached out for assistance.

I am glad that the pope has showed us that he is willing to help and in a personal way, in the act of taking 12 refugees back to Rome with him.

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