France in our Thoughts

The events of last week and the ongoing events in France have caused shock, grief and revulsion across the civilized world. It was with great horror that I heard the news on Friday night last week while thinking about my Friends from La Perverié who were traveling home that day through France and my friends from Zaragoza who would be traveling the following day. It was with great relief that I received word from Cristina and Christophe that all of our pupils and their families were safe and sound. My thoughts at the minute are with the people of France and with the victims of war and terrorism around the world who suffer at the hands of violent extremism in whatever form.

The attacks in Paris along with the the attacks in Lebanon and the continued war in Syria highlight the need for world leaders to tackle the problems in order to avoid further violence and bloodshed.

The attacks have been cited in recent press coverage as a reason to close European boarders and deny those who need help refuge in Europe. Should this be the case?

Do you think that European Boarders should be closed or do you think that a more organized approach and developed plan is needed to allow those who need it refuge in Europe but at the same time to ensure the security of European citizens?

Has the open door policy of the European Union and the pressure put on the European Union allowed violent extremists safe passage to Western Europe?

The English press published this cartoon in response to the Paris attacks, what do we think of this? Is their reaction rationale?

Should we learn from European history? This image was created at the time of the Second World War and how Nazi Germany viewed Jewish refugees. Are there any parallels with the image printed in the English newspaper?

Welcome to our Erasmus Plus Blog for Sacred Heart School’s

Welcome to our Erasmus Plus Blog for Sacred Heart School’s.

This Blog is designed in order to stimulate debate, get ideas, ask questions and maybe come up with some solutions as to the immigration crisis currently affecting Europe.

Our four school’s, St. Catherine’s College Armagh, La Perverié Nantes, Sacré-Coeurs Zaragoza and Mount Anville Dublin have all witnessed migration in various forms. Our communities have been affected by immigration and also emigration. Our countries as part of the European Union are now facing a immigration crisis of unparalleled significance. Each of our home countries is part of a union which is now experiencing the greatest human challenge since the second world war.

We hope that by engaging with you that we may inform ourselves better as to the choices that we as individuals can make. Perhaps we as a body of students’ and teachers can actively inspire others to become more informed. Maybe we can become movements for change within our own schools’ and own communities.

This blog is deigned as a place where can inform each other as to what is currently happening in our schools’ and communities. It is hoped that after our initial meeting in Armagh that we can begin to post video updates as to what is currently happening in our own communities, that we can add links to interesting news stories that we might find, that we can chat, debate and inform each other so that we can become more open minded to the challenges and opportunities afforded by immigration.

During our initial meeting in Armagh we will also be learning film making skills so that we can begin to think about creating short films on the subject on immigration to be shown in the Market place Theatre in Armagh in Spring 2017.